Assessing 9/11

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More than a decade after al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks on US soil, it becomes easier to reflect on what this event has meant for global politics.

EU counterterrorism strategy: value added or chimera?

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Europe did not wake up to terrorism on 9/11; terrorism is solidly entrenched in Europe’s past. The 9/11 attacks undoubtedly brought the EU into uncharted territory, boosting existing cooperation and furthering political integration – in particular in the field of justice and home affairs – to a degree few would have imagined some years earlier.

Rik Coolsaet (International Affairs)

9/11 – Five Years Later: The Age of Rage

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What are the main strands in the mood of today’s world citizen? He feels lost and ill at ease in the complex world that surrounds him. And, secondly, he resents the state of the world as fundamentally lopsided. Global uneasiness leads to polarisation. Global inequity stimulates radicalisation.